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1/6/2024 : Added a astronomy fanlisting

1/4/2024 : Added a Your Name, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Danganronpa, and LOZ LIink fanlisting to homepage.

1/3/2024 : Added a zero escape fanlisting and a nintendo and playstation stamp. Created a blog page. Changed the text align from center to how its naturally aligned.

12/31/2023 : Happy new year! I added a about me page, changed the fandoms link to a library link. And the art link to a blog page. Added a guestbook button as well. Added a resource link.

12/30/2023 : Ditched the update log page for the 'website updates' section on the main page. Added decoration on the homepage. Changed the background and text color contrast to be more readable.

12/29/2023 : Added a update log page and linked between them on the homescreen.

12/28/2023 : I got the page up and going - from scratch this time!

Zero Escape fanlisting Your Name fanlisting Ouran Highschool Host Club fanlisting Dangan Ronpa fanlisting Legend of Zelda Link Fanlisting Astronomy Fanlisting